Who we are?

Metal Alimentaria, SL. company dedicated to the study, calculation, construction and installation of metallic square silos of carbon steel or stainless steel, for use of the silo of all kinds of solid or powdery products, both organic and inorganic.

Silos built by Metal Alimentaria, are constituted by a set of square cells (rustic style), resulting from the union of prefabricated panels, with their union, bolted or welded, depending on the characteristics of the product to ensilar.

Our technical team has a experience of more than forty years dedicated to the study and research of casting flow and its behavior in the use of the silo, as well as programs for structural calculation and design 3D art.

More than 500 installations scattered over three continents is our guarantee.

Our engineering department, facilities and equipment necessary to efficiently prefabricate all the pieces that make up the silo, always thinking to optimize the assembly process.

Metal Alimentaria
Experience in manufacturing and installation of silos square

Very experienced

Metal Alimentaria has a experience of more than forty years dedicated to the study and research of the assembly materials. More than 500 facilities scattered three continents is our guarantee...

Aerial view Metal Alimentaria


Metal Alimentaria offers workshops with suitable machinery to prefabricate all the pieces of the silo. We are specialized in designing and resolution of everything about SILO theme.


Av. Verge de Montserrat, 5
Polygon Ind. Sant Pere Molanta
08734 - Olérdola
Barcelona, Spain
Phone: +34 93 892 42 08